Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sepilok Jungle Trek and Unexpected Orangutan Photo Shoot

We had opted to stay for both of the day's feedings at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre (good tip - the entry ticket is for the day, rather than one feeding, so why not?). In between the feedings we took a trek through the surrounding jungle. Unfortunately there was only one short route accessible, but it was a pretty pleasant and easy walk and we were able to take our time and keep an eye out for wildlife. As is often the case in the jungle, we could hear plenty of wildlife but couldn't see a great deal. We heard plenty of woodpeckers in close proximity, but even after spending a while in a bird-spotting tower, and with the assistance of Mr Lego Explorer were only able to spot a couple of them.

We did come across a pretty cool looking bug...

...as well as a couple of beautiful snakes...

...and a slightly podgy lizard.

After our jungle walk we returned to the visitor centre expecting to rest for a while before the second orangutan feeding. What we weren't expecting was a private orangutan photoshoot. It turned out that while we had been exploring the jungle a gorgeous juvenile orangutan had been exploring the visitor centre. There were just a few other tourists present to take advantage of the opportunity to see a wild orangutan in such close proximity. She wasn't the most co-operative of models because she was too preoccupied with playing and didn't stay still for very long, but I managed to get a handful of good photos.


 The experience was slightly dampened by the fact that one of the Sanctuary staff eventually led the orangutan away by the hand. I would like to think that it had been a completely natural turn of events that we had been luckily enough to stumble across, however I suspect that the orangutan was also led to the visitor centre. Even so, it was still a fantastic, and unexpected, experience that we're unlikely to ever have again.

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